• Equipment of ski, shoes, poles, helmets...
  • Accessory, sun glases, goggles, gloves, hats, sun crem, wear, sledges

The models in the shop :

  • K2
  • Salomon
  • Rossignol
  • Dynastar
  • Atomik
  • Volk
  • Head
  • Mouvement
  • Fischer
  • Elan
  • NDK
  • Dupraz
  • Blizzard
  • Black Mountain

SKI Locker

  • You have a free lockers inside the shop for your ski and the shoes (dryer machine for the shoes), it's more easy for you because you don't take your equipment in your home, you leave just near the gondola.
  • You have a special machin to dry your shoes et for leave your ski. And when you leave your equipment it's more easy to change the shoes or the ski if you have a problem.


  • Every years, I choice the best of equipment for you and your family. We shall say to you the good model for you because we have a lot of different pair of ski and comfortable shoes.
  • The Xtrême Glisses is a shop to specialize in the sport rentaldski, snowboard, ski touring, télémark , nowscoot, monoski, snowshoes, sledge and cross country skiing. .

The station is great, the equipment is a first quality and the staff is very friendly. The gondola Grand Massif Express is open every days on summer. The lift Charainde Express is open 3 days on the week.


"Le magasin x'treme glisses porte une attention toute particulière à l'environnement: c'est pour cela que nous utilisons un fart écologique, un désinfectant écologique pour les chaussures...

Pensons à l'avenir de nos montagnes et à la génération future !!"