Discover the ski resort of Samoëns

Discover the ski resort of Samoëns

Nested in the heart of the natural spaces of Haute-Savoie, Samoëns is one of the most renowned ski resorts of the Alps. This popularity, her owes her(it) as much to her natural and protected frame(executive) as to the wealth of her domain: with its 265 kilometers of snowy tracks(runways), the Big Massif is indeed the 4th the most important ski slopes of France.

Thanks to the cable railway " The Big Express Massif ", the authentic village of the valley of Giffre joins in 8 minutes only the tracks(runways) of the ski resort of Samoëns, the summit of which amounts to 2120 meters. Samoëns, it is thus the perfect alliance(wedding ring) between a Savoyard village of character, in the rich cultural heritage and in the authentic chalets, and a high-level ski slopes.

An ideal station(resort) - village for families and followers of the glide

Hardly of the big diversity of his(her,its) runs of ski and its activities, the domain of the Big Massif suits to all the public. He(it) will satisfy as much the experimented riders as the families wishing to share moments of sports and relaxation in complete safety.

The ski resort of Samoëns is moreover a holder of the label Family +, which(who) guarantees you the implementation of a real politics(policy) of welcome(reception) and support(accompaniment) of families. You will find a domain specially dedicated to the beginners and to the children, so that they teach the practice of the ski their rhythm and smoothly. Numerous activities and animations are proposed for your exits(releases) in family - sled, ice rink, media library, strolls in sled dogs

The ski resort in some figures

The Big Massif of Haute-Savoie (on which depends the ski resort of Samoëns), it is:

265km of tracks(runways) covered with snow for all the levels

18 green tracks(runways), 67 blue tracks(runways), 46 red ski runs and 14 black ski runs for 69 ski lifts

69km of cross-country ski runs, 60km of paths for hikes(rides) in rackets(snowshoes), 60km of paths crowned(queened) for the pedestrians

3 Snow Park, 3 sledging strips and several playful routes(courses)

Of numerous activities " except(off) ski ": frozen waterfall, snowmobile, sled dogs, flight(theft) in helicopter, hammam, racket(snowshoe), off-piste internship(training course) …